Pre-owned equipment

Pre-owned testing equipment

Do you sell your existing HV or testing equipment ?
Feel free to contact us.

Do you plan to buy  pre-owned equipment as alternative to factory new ?
High Voltage Test Systems
has solutions to quote for existing and factory stored units or systems, almost ready for delivery.

Here are some examples of availability:
Resonant test sets from 50 to 900 kV
AC test sets from 100 à 1300kV
Impulse test sets from 250 to 3200 kV 
Direct current HVDC from 600 kV
AC/DC/Impulse test KITs
AC test transformers from 30 to 500 kV
Cable terminations and water processing systems
Compensating coils all ratings
Regulating transformers all ratings
Miscellaneous test lab equipment such as:
Reference capacitors
Coupling capacitors
C & Tg Delta and partial discharge digital measuring systems